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family by cristalclear13 family :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 2 Princess Leia by cristalclear13 Princess Leia :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 1
unhappily ever after
"you're in there but just barely"
My fairy tale started out perfect
every girls dream
I was the damsel in distress
you were prince charming
oh so mysterious
loving, patient adoring and sweet
working overtime to repair my broken wings
giving me strength and confidence to get back up and stand on my feet
Oh how the roles have reversed
you try to tear me down
and crush my dreams
negative, bitter, angry and mean
It took a long time to figure you out
but i can now clearly see
I am beauty you are the beast
:iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 3 3
Mature content
the rooftop :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 2 0
yessir?? by cristalclear13 yessir?? :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 1 Earth tones by cristalclear13 Earth tones :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 1 5 green bug-a-boo by cristalclear13 green bug-a-boo :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 1 1 my MUG by cristalclear13 my MUG :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 1 Mwah by cristalclear13 Mwah :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 2 light n' bright by cristalclear13 light n' bright :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 2 giraffe kissies by cristalclear13 giraffe kissies :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 0 dancing bubba by cristalclear13 dancing bubba :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 0 turquoise by cristalclear13 turquoise :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 1 5
I am too good
i am too good of a friend for you
I support your choices, your dreams and your career
I take an interest in you and ask you about what you like
what you want and what you fear
i ask how you are and truly do care
I am there for you when you are down and depressed
and when you call and say you are locked out of your house
i should tell you to call someone closer or wait for your dad, but instead
i get pick you up at 2 am and let you come sleep in my bed.
you coulda kept the ultimate friend
sadly, you chose yourself instead
I am too good of a girlfriend for you
I think about you constantly
i leave you notes and say such loving things
I try to suprise you to make things fun
I know thats impossible for you to understand
it's called thinking for 2 instead of 1
I drive you places and do your laundry
i respect your privacy and let you do as you please
i work around YOUR schedule, when you are available, horny or need to eat.
i let you take over my room-the computer, radio and the tv
I gracious
:iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 1 2
i wish
I wish you weren't so distant and busy
and when i saw you after being away a couple of days
you were happy cuz you had missed me
I wish we could laugh, cuddle and play
and you still always knew the right thing to say
I wish you were more sensitive
and asked me more how i am
I wish you were gentle and sweet
that once in awhile you would kiss me
or fix me something to eat
I wish i wasn't invisible and unseen
and thru my expressions you know what i really mean
I wish you thought i was beautiful
and you would often tell me
I wish you weren't disgusted by me
and would occasionally rub my belly
I wish you could feel my discomfort
or at least try to understand
i Wish i could tell you my feelings
b'cuz Im stressed, lonely and scared
most of all, i love you
and i wish you cared
:iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 2 1
2003-2004 collage by cristalclear13
Mature content
2003-2004 collage :iconcristalclear13:cristalclear13 0 0


leave me be
they say that time heals all so in time i'll see
in time i'll grow to forget the wound in me
no time for pitty what is in me let me just pass out
time to hit me with reality to knock me out
i swair i'll live, just leave me in the ocean to drownd
and i'll rise up from the depths a whole new person a round
u want to help? then babe help me from feeling this empty
help me by helping me forget that u met me
free me go away break my shackles and chains
emotionally bared, inside boxed up and afraid
it's kinda funny how vendetta's manifest and unfold
tortures untold find a way to break threw to ur soul
but i'm not gonna fold i'm not gonna acept in this truth
i'll find a way to save MY day cause i die hearing of you
this an't a choice what i must do cause babe i HAVE to survie
and if u leave me under waves i promise i'll stay alive
so if u love me and want to help like you say that you do
you'll understand to leave me be cause i DIE THINKING OF YOU
:iconjade09:jade09 1 0
Swept away by her fragrance
Her shape and her hair
The feeling leave you dazzled, bewitched and impaired
Forbidden tensions rise
As our eyes collide
The Rush tingling
Up and Down my Spine
Shadows accentuate your shape
there so much beauty in Sin
I feel the cold air outside
But I'm burning with IN
The Heat from your breath,
Caresses my cheek
Can bearly speak
But Feeling SO Week
Her hand greets my lips
Till death do we part
Velvet skin
Soft and smooth
Everlong; cannot stop.
Her Touch Eats my PaiN
Hearts beat one and the same
Pressed against me
Feelings are so Hard to ExpLain
Dry AND wet
Yet Wet and Warm.
Like the ocean after a tropical storm.
As we lye,
Just You and I
We become OnE….
One Butterfly
:iconjade09:jade09 2 6
Mature content
Sex is Revised :iconfukenrights:fukenrights 712 186
Is A tear.
My tear,
Is My LIFE..
My heart beats
Tears trickle down my face every night.
I'm worth Nothing,
I'm Disgusting
That is why I can't give it to you,
Cause I am UGLY
My LOVE is NOT worthy of you.
You are So Beautiful,
You could never LOVE a Guy like ME.
You are incredible,
Your love is MUCH to High for me.
As my tears run down my cheek,
And fall to the Floor,
I just think of you,
How I NEED you,
Start Crying Some More…
:iconjade09:jade09 2 10
One Step Forward
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
My throat,
it just shakes like a deer in the headlights,
Scaring you piss dry
In your eyes you just waste life,
You just hate night,
Hate the never-ending black it just last like,
It's just fast like
A cowboy wit a gun on his hips,
oh Christ!
Lungs they hack outta my lips, you get under my skin,
spittin the spat shit so I can use all the same subtle old tricks,
It just cock clicks,
While the tock ticks,
Watchin fucked flicks where daddy just hippity
Hop lookit he does dicks!
My mouth on bombing runs with kettles
and acid on cook tops
That comes to a boil
beating time like a clock shop,
Me know not
what me saying me just know that
I'm so hot,
I just can't deal
I just can't stay
I don't wanna face the facts or the music
nor stand honest
on this stage,
I'll quench my rage
and upon a pill I'll swallow it
Unwrap the bottle and
drink the J.D that follows it
like a brainwashed mother that thinks he's stuff with a ruckus
:iconchaosboy:chaosboy 1 12
the rain reminds
The rain, the rain reminds me of her tears, her tears remind of her face, her face brings me back to a time, a time that I lost and I, I don\'t want to be without her love, but I don\'t know how to go on, I don\'t want her anymore, but I can\'t resist when with her. I can\'t resist her irresistible smile, I can\'t forget the short while, while I was happy just with her, getting lost in nothing more. The rain reminds me of the time, the time when you loved me, I can\'t remember why, why I was so stupid to believe. I need more than an answer, I need more than your lies, I need more than the future, just tell me what I want to hear. I need something better than what\'s offered, I need to know it goes further, I don\'t want to be, stuck in game when I know I can\'t win you. Let me cry my eyes dry, let me live without your lies, I don\'t want to anymore cause I have better things to do, I don\'t want to live like this, but I am stuck on you.
:iconralphaliscous:ralphaliscous 2 2



Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Playa Del Rey, CA
Favourite genre of music: it would be shorter to tell what i dont like.... gospel lol
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: my ipod
Shell of choice: sea shell?? turtle shell, the shell station lol
Skin of choice: Olive
Favourite cartoon character: Mr. buzz Lightyear
Personal Quote: "get a grip"
  • Listening to: always on my mind by Willie Nelson
  • Reading: where theres smoke by sandra brown
  • Watching: A.I. Danny Matt and Adam are fabulous!!
  • Playing: poker of course
  • Eating: had homemade enchiladas :)
  • Drinking: diet coke always
so wow I turned 23, Shane turned 4 (holy shit!) and I got a new puppy a $1300.00 poop machine lol AWESOME!! she's a bug (pug/boston terrier) the sweetest thing to go w/ my new apartment and the new ME :)

been sober 4 months...clarity is a gift and a mother fucker too. Overall Im much happier and healthier but at times a little lonely, a little bored a lot confused and I now have to deal with extremely sad parts of my life w/ no more booze to wash away the pain. so some days are harder than others :( but I get through those days w/ extra diet coke, a pack of marlboros, licks from my puppy and hugs from my son :)

best parts of sobriety:
(the ugly)
no hang overs
no "what the FUCK did i do last night?"
no guilt/shame
Im not a disapointment

(the beautiful)
I read more, watch TV less
I care more, forgive faster and love stronger
I sing louder, smile easier & laugh harder

and Im gettin sexxxay lol
amazing how fat beer makes ya lol physically starting to feel like "me" again.


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nill Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2004
Yeah it is VERY nice being home with family. And yeah i filled out a little, up above 200 again. Yeah gavin's parcial walking now, like he gets up on things and walks along them, he's teething badly though..
alteredreality Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2003
Thanks for all your comments over the past year. :-)
school Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2003
You didn't see this link. It's very important
evcfenix Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2003
thanks for the comment and motivating words on my latest work! :) :hug:
wildmonky Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003  Student Writer
that was the hottest thing anyone has ever said to me.
dv8ingdan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2003
How is it going. When will we see soemthing new from you again. I did finally write a new poem. [[link] . Hope your summer is going well..
xxstellarxx Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003   Writer
you have alot of great work here and thank you for all the wonderful comments that you have given me. im sorry if it took me awhile to finally say thank THANK YOU! you have an interesting style to you & i look forward to reading some more of your work. :) (Smile)
kali1900 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2003
Thanks for all u're messages :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin)
dv8ingdan Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2003
Thanks for commenting on my poems.[link]
Sorry it took me so long to get back. It's been a busy last couple of months and a lot has happend since than. I also dont have the emotion to go into the poems like I used to, I think I'm all burned out. I hope your feeling better now. Hope everything works out for you so you can make it to Australia!

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